Top Playoff Bullpens

1. Atlanta Braves– Easily the best Bullpen in baseball, with baseball’s best closer, Craig Kimbrel. The Braves also have great setup men to get to Kimbrel, as evidenced by their MLB leading 2.46 bullpen ERA.
2. St. Louis Cardinals– The Cardinals may not know who their closer is going into the Postseason, but it is not because they lack options. They can turn to flame-throwers in Trevor Rosenthal and Kevin Siegrest. The Cardinals can also match up as well as anyone, possibly carrying three reliable lefties and a double play machine, in Seth Maness.
3. Pittsburgh Pirates– Known as “The Shark Tank”, Pittsburgh’s bullpen has been outstanding all season, even when they lost their closer, Jason Grilli. They had the 3rd best bullpen ERA in the Majors and 6th best FIP.
4. Oakland Athletics– As is fitting for the Athletics, there are no big name players in their bullpen. However, they still managed the 6th best bullpen ERA in the MLB.
5. Tampa Bay Rays– The Rays’ bullpen had the 5th best FIP in the MLB, and more importantly they had the 4th best K/9. Having a bullpen that is able to get strikeouts is incredibly important in the Playoffs, as relievers will likely be leaned on to get teams out of jams.
6. Boston Red Sox– The Red Sox bullpen ranked 19th in ERA, but was able to strike out 8.90 batters per 9 innings, which was good enough for 7th in the MLB. They also have a surprisingly dominant closer, Koji Uehara, who had a 12.27 K/9 and 1.10 ERA.
7. Cincinnati Reds– The Reds have an electric closer, with Aroldis Chapman, and the 3rd best K/9. However, their FIP ranked 19th in the MLB, in large part due to their 1.04 HR/9, which was the 3rd highest in the MLB.
8. Los Angeles Dodgers– The Dodgers were in the middle of most bullpen statistics, but they still have plenty of options to turn to out of the pen. With their rotation, fans may not see much of the Dodgers’ bullpen.
9. Detroit Tigers– The Tigers seem to have found their closer with Joaguin Benoit, who racked up 24 saves during the season. However, the overall bullpen ranked 23rd in ERA, at 4.02.
10. Cleveland Indians– The Indians do not have a set closer going into the Playoffs, but unlike the Cardinals, their options are not as inspiring. The overall Indians bullpen ranked 20th in ERA and 21st in FIP.

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