Top Playoff Lineups

1. Boston Red Sox– The Red Sox were the only team to eclipse 800 runs. This offense also had the highest OBP and wRC+ in the MLB. Probably most well-rounded offense in the MLB, as they were 6th in HR’s and 4th in SB‘s.
2. Detroit Tigers– This offense was a little flat heading into the playoffs, but they still managed to score 796 runs, good for 2nd most in the MLB. This may also be the deepest lineup in the Playoffs, with the MLB’s best hitter, in Miguel Cabrera.
3. St. Louis Cardinals– Easily the best offense in the National League, as the only NL Playoff team that was in the top 10 in the MLB in runs scored. The only question is whether their MLB record .330 batting average with Runners In Scoring Position will persist through the Playoffs.
4. Oakland Athletics– As has been the case for many Athletics’ playoff teams, they rely heavily on the long ball, as they ranked 3rd in the MLB in HR’s, which contributed to their 4th best run production in the MLB.
5. Cleveland Indians– This offense has a good combination of speed and power, as they ranked in the top 10 in both SB’s and HR’s. They also scored the 6th most runs in the MLB.
6. Los Angeles Dodgers– The Dodgers’ offensive numbers are not overwhelmingly impressive, but they have been on a tear since the end of June. They would be higher on this list, except that Matt Kemp will miss the Playoffs, which will force the Dodgers to start Skip Schumaker in CF.
7. Cincinnati Reds– They ranked 6th in OBP and if their pitching can keep the games close, then there is always the threat of Billy Hamilton pinch running off the bench.
8. Tampa Bay Rays– It will be interesting to see how Joe Maddon configures his lineup throughout the Playoffs because he used so many different lineups throughout the season. No matter the lineup this team seems to perform well in the clutch, as they ranked 4th in wRC+ in what Fangraphs deemed “High Leverage” situations.
9. Atlanta Braves– This team exemplifies the term “Hit and Miss”. They ranked 3rd highest in K% in the MLB, but were also able to rank 5th in HR’s. The challenge for them will be to keep the HR’s coming throughout the Postseason.
10. Pittsburgh Pirates– This team was built almost entirely on pitching and that is evidenced by the fact that they have scored the least amount of runs of any Playoff team. Among Playoff teams, the Pirates rank last in Batting Average and OBP.

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