This site will provide an in-depth look at some of the biggest storylines around the MLB throughout the season as well as the off-season. The site will also provide detailed scouting reports and updates of top Minor League prospects throughout the year.

More on the two contributors to this site:

Anthony Cacchione:

Anthony will be a Freshman at the Macaulay Honors College at the City College of New York. He has played baseball his entire life and has been a fan for just as long. As a player, he has played mostly as a pitcher, and most scouting reports he does will be of a pitcher. Anthony has had experience as an intern with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, which is the Single-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. He is also a member of Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA).
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Ryan Kiernan, Editor:

Ryan is a Sophomore at the University of Tampa. He has played baseball his entire life, including his Freshman year at MacMurray College, before transferring to Tampa, where he will continue to play collegiately.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Anthony. Congratulations on college offer(s)! Good luck in the continuing process and picking out a place. As you know I and most interested in the Red Sox. Sorry. You provided some interesting info last spring on new players with the team. Right now I’m wondering about that Centerfield position. I, along with most other Sox fans would like Ellsbury back. Looks like the team wants him too but has a limit as to how far they’ll go in the negotiations. I don’t think Jackie Bradley is ready. What do you hear? …. Jim Stephens


    • Thank you for the comment, I was looking for a topic to write about when you I saw your inquiry. My latest post addresses the Red Sox Centerfield options. Our editor, Ryan Kiernan, also added a little bit on Jackie Bradley Jr.
      Thanks for reading.


  2. Thanks for the summary on Red Sox CF. Seems like a lot of options but I still like Elsbury the best. As a fan I get attached to particular players. That should have some value for the franchise but I guess it doesn’t. Like Puhols leaving St Louis. Although he’s been pretty bad since he left. So either they knew something or he should have known better.


  3. Mr. Cacchione,

    As Spring Training ramps up, I was wondering if you had any thoughts on: 1) who should bat lead off for the Cardinals; 2) will Holiday ever live up to his hype as a power hitter; and 3) is it time for Yaddie to be training his replacement. I have respected your insights so much, and I would look forward to any insights you may have.


    • First, thanks for reading. And to answer your first question, the Cardinals don’t have anyone that fits the typical mold of a solid leadoff hitter, but I expect the club to give multiple players chances, including Stephen Piscotty and Kolten Wong. However, I expect Carpenter to end up back in the leadoff spot eventually because he has always seemed most comfortable there and has the best on-base skills of anyone on the roster. To answer your second question, I don’t think Holliday was ever truly a power hitter. That reputation came from his days playing in the hitters’ haven of Coors Field, but his power has still declined quite a bit the last couple years. I think he can still hit 18-20 homers this year, but it will all come down to his ability to stay on the field. Regardless of his home run power, Holliday has remained a force in the lineup contributing high OBPs and plenty of doubles. I think Yadi’s days as an above average hitting catcher are likely through due to the amount of wear and tear on his knees, but also because of the significant injuries he has suffered to each thumb, which is always concerning for hitters. However, he is still an elite defender and has a few more years as a starting catcher, even if his offense slips further. Nevertheless, the Cardinals are trying very hard to find his heir in their farm system, but do not have a clear answer. Developing a catcher to be able to start in the Big Leagues often takes many years, so they are hoping to identify their next starting backstop in the near future in order to prepare for when Yadi is no longer able to take his position behind the plate.


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